You can order one of my double-shelves with the upper shelf on the left or right. The size determines the price, for example, a 48" double sells for $1275.00 and a 60"double sells for $1595.00 and so on.

#105DS Maple & Cherry

#106DS Walnut & Curly Maple

Have your shelf custom made or select one that I have in stock. Contact me to see what is currently available.

#107DS Curly Maple & Walnut

#205S  Curly Maple & Cherry


Once again the size determines the price, for example, a 48" single shelf goes for $775.00, a 60" single goes for $970.00 and so on.

#206S Sapele & Ambrosia Maple

#207S Curly Maple, Sapele & Ambrosia Maple

My shelves mount with metal keyhole brackets, which are placed 16" on center across the back.

Each shelf has two sets of brackets, which are about 4-6"apart.

#208S Curly Maple & Cherry

#209S Curly Maple & Walnut


They also come with a plywood template to facilitate the mounting.

#210S Ambrosia Maple & Walnut

#305V Ambrosia Maple & Sapele

#307V Cherry & Curly Maple

My vertical shelves (#305V-308V) can be ordered up 42" wide. The width determines the price. For example a 30" vertical goes for $525.00, a 40" $700.00.

#306V Walnut & Curly Maple

#308V Curly Maple & Sapele

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#308V Curly Maple & Sapele

#309V  Curly Maple & Walnut

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